This conection is secured with Skyhigh's root CA used for SSE
Subject: O = Skyhigh Security LLC, C = US, ST = CA, CN = Skyhigh Security Ops Root CA
Validity: Thu, 10 August 2023 14:14:48 GMT to Mon, 10 August 2048 23:59:59 GMT
SHA2-256 hash: b1cc376794cd2ccfdf5e001cd80161d0abba0b5e36110ad94f7308b84967f73f

This root CA will be used to issue intermediate CAs with a shorter validity than the root CA. These intermediates sign the individual server certificates. It is sufficient to include the self signed root CA into the HTTPS client's truststore.
If you reach this page without any certificate issues, your trust store is setup correctly. Otherwise please visit Skyhigh's documentation portal